8 Moments That Rocked The Brits Over The Years
    1. Arctic Monkeys win Best Album Award for AM, Brits 2014

    Alex Turner’s acceptance speech for Arctic Monkey’s Best Album Award at the Brit Awards in 2014 divided opinion. Delivered in typically aloof Turner style, was it pretentious and indulgent, or an insightful comment on rock and roll? You decide, you can watch the speech.


    1. Kate Moss stands in for David Bowie, Best British Male Solo Artist, Brits 2014

    As Noel Gallagher rightly stated, David Bowie was far too ‘cool’ to accept his award for Best British Male Solo Artist at the Brits in 2014, but he sent along an icon of a different kind to represent him. Dressed in an original Ziggy Stardust stage outfit from 1972, Kate Moss took to the stage to deliver Bowie’s speech; “In Japanese Myth, the rabbits from my old costume which Kate is wearing live on the moon. Kate comes from Venus, and I from Mars”. 


    1. Liam Gallagher’s thank you speech, Brits 2010

    Short, succinct and dripping in Gallagher bravado, would we expect anything less from Liam’s thank you speech?


    1. Sharon Osborne, Brits 2008

    A typically chaotic show from the Osbourne matriarch, Sharon dubbed Vic Reeves a ‘pisshead’ as she wrestled the microphone from him and took over the award presenting. Meanwhile, a fresh faced Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys, dressed in country attire, were more interested in mocking the Brit School.


    1. Annie Lennox wins British Female Award, Brits 1989

    Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood struggling the first live Brits broadcast is painful to watch; we’ll say no more. 


    1. Brandon Bloc and Ronnie Wood, Brits 2000

    DJ Brandon Block was allegedly so drunk at the Brits in 2000 that his friend convinced him he was due on stage to accept an award. What resulted was an entirely awkward moment between a drunken Block and presenter Ronnie Wood, who flung a drink in his face, while co-presenter Thora Birch looked on bemused. Not quite a rock and roll bust up, but memorable nonetheless.


    1. Jarvis Cocker moons Michael Jackson, Brits 1996

    Perhaps one of the greatest Brit moments to date, Jarvis Cocker, bespectacled Pulp frontman, brought Michael Jackson back to reality during an over-the-top performance of Earthsong. Cocker ran on stage, wiggled his bum at the singer and generally took the edge off Jackson’s intense show. Cocker’s actions were celebrated by the British music press with some calling for him to be knighted; “My actions were a form of protest at the way Michael Jackson sees himself as some kind of Christ-like figure with the power of healing. The music industry allows him to indulge his fantasies because of his wealth and power. People go along with it even though they know it’s a bit sick. I just couldn’t go along with it anymore. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision brought on by boredom and frustration.”


    1. Oasis sing Parklife, Brits 1996

      Despite Damon Albarn’s call for an end to the Blur vs. Oasis rivalry, it seems Liam and Noel couldn’t resist gloating during their acceptance at the Brits in 1996, where they took home three awards. The pair closed their speech with an altered version of Blur’s ‘Parklife’, eloquently changing the anthemic chant to ‘Shite-life’; a classic Britpop moment.