A Rockin After Party: The Story Of Andy Warhol & Truman Capotes Academy Awards Party In 1978
Rockins prefer the hedonism and debauchery of Andy Warhol and Truman Capotes Oscars party at Studio 54 where glittering guests wore nothing but a scarf and a body stocking between them!!
Feast your eyes on these behind the scenes shots!!
Woody Allen’s Annie Hall walked away with five awards, Aretha Franklin performed a Carly Simon classic and Vanessa Redgrave accepted her award with a controversial, politically charged Thank you speech. But for those who longed to see and be seen, the only Academy Awards celebration to attend was in New York.
On 3rd April 1978, Truman Capote and Andy Warhol held a party at Studio 54 to celebrate the 50th Academy Awards. Studio 54, a nightclub that epitomised Seventies glamour, was a regular haunt for Warhol and the guest list was a typical crowd of rock stars, New York socialites and Hollywood stars.
While little document of the party exists, Michael Palin reminisced about the night in his autobiography. Referring to the mass of cameras and projector screens displayed in the club, he remarked:
“..we were all being used in a way – either for Capote & Warhol’s ego, or simply Polaroid’s showmanship”. (The Python Years, Michael Palin, 2010).
Warhol and Capote were kindred spirits; both creatives with a stubborn determination to be nothing but themselves in the face of social conventions. Warhol adored Capote, in particular his knack for charming both underground intellectuals and high class society sweethearts; something that fascinated the socially awkward Warhol.
Studio 54, a decadent blend of high society and underground talent, brought together icons of music, art and film. Whilst the awards ceremony played out on giant screens, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall partied alongside Salvador Dali and a fresh-faced Brooke Shields; its fair to say Studio 54 did hedonistic glamour like no other.