George Harrison: Born On This Day
George Harrison.
George Harrison – The End of Folk (TV-PG; 1:53) George Harrison on the day in Albert Hall when Bob Dylan went electric, ending the folk music scene.
Born on this day 1943
Rockins style icon George Harrison, lead guitarist of the Beatles, was responsible for some of the greatest tracks on every album post 1965. Rockins’ favourites are “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Something“.
A List of Songs Written by George Harrison for the Beatles.
He was perceived as ‘the quiet one’ but it was George whom introduced the band to Eastern philosophy and religion, which influenced the band’s second album Help! George took great interest in Indian music and taught himself how to play the the sitar. George’s experimentation with Eastern instruments and musical arrangements can be heard throughout the album.
George Harrison’s Spirituality had a big influence on the Beatles members and the music.
Born in Liverpool, George and the other members of the Beatles formed the band that became the most successful rock band to date. Following this success, Harrison went on to release highly acclaimed solo records.
George Harrison’s Solo Discography.
George discovered Rock ‘n’ Roll when he heard a neighbour playing “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley. Following this, by his teenage years Harrison, by his own admission, was always more interested in playing his guitar and listening to music. He counted Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Carl Perkins amongst his Rock ‘n’ Roll heroes. According to music legend, having seen John and Paul perform, George pestered the pair until he was finally allowed to audition for them on the upper deck of a bus. Needless to say, the two of them were impressed by his rendition of Rock riffs and Harrison was granted his place in the band.
The Late Great George Harrison

Even after his death, George Harrison’s legacy lives on through his music and available on the 26th is George Fest; a recorded tribute of the hero’s music by those who admired him.