Gigi Hadid Wears Rockins Scarf For 21st Birthday Bash
Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday party at LA hotspot The Nice Guy saw the bright young things of Hollywood celebrating in style. Dressed in barely there white hot pants, satin camisole and Tom Ford thigh high boots, she finished off her ensemble with the Rockins Ivory Classic Skinny Scarf. We love how Gigi has made her Rockins her own, wrapping it tightly around the neck with a 90s inspired choker.
Signed to IMG models in 2011, Gigi has walked for everyone from Marc Jacobs to Chanel and boasts a number of Vogue cover appearances across the world. Along with model pals Kendal Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, Gigi is the poster girl for a new era of supermodels, propelled to stardom through the world of social media. Daughter of wealthy real-estate developer Mohamed Hadid and former model Yolanda Foster, Gigi has proved herself as a star in her own right, featuring in campaigns for Guess and named as a Maybelline brand ambassador in 2015.
The Rockins Super Skinny Scarf (Above) 
With over 16 million followers on Instagram, Gigi belongs to a new world of instant fame, inevitably predicted by Andy Warhol in the 1960s. A man who was fascinated by socialites, status and fame, Warhol would no doubt have been in awe of Gigi. Warhol’s Factory was a athering place for all manner of people, from artists and musicians, to wealthy patrons and intellectuals. Whether shooting his iconic Screen Tests or appropriating the images of American idols with screen prints, Warhol was essentially predicting what is now known as Instagram – a platform that transforms the everyday into the desirable, allowing a peek into the world of the rich and famous.
Just as Warhol relished in surrounding himself with people of all backgrounds, Gigi is rarely seen without her own crew, effortlessly mingling with reality stars such as the Kardashians, teeny bopper idols Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik or doyenne of French fashion, Carine Roitfeld. Gigi is the modern day Warhol socialite, and we’ve no doubt her ultra-glam look would have been right at home on the dance floor at Studio 54.