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Read our exclusive interview with Gigwise about the Rockins X Rolling Stones collaboraration!

Take a closer look at the collaboration between the iconic band and timeless brand

Since Rockins launched in November 2014, co-founders Jess Morris and Tim Rockins have built up a steady reputation for creating timeless, musically influenced and carefully crafted garments. Famous for their majestic silk scarves in a variety of illustrious prints and seen on the likes of Kate Moss, Jamie Hince, Bobby Gillespie and Harry Styles, the brand has now developed into a mainline and lux interior line too - with a collaboration with Selfridges and The Rolling Stones being another exquisite string to the Rockins bow.

Available in a range of different styles and colours, the pairing appears to be a match made in heaven, with both the band and the brand living and breathing the rock ’n’ roll ethos since their inceptions. We sat down with company co-founder Jess Morris days before the Stones first London show on their No Filter tour to find out more about the dazzling collaboration and the constant stream of inspiration from the iconic band which runs through Rockins veins. 

Rockins X Rolling Stones original artwork

Gigwise: How did the Rockins x Rolling Stones collaboration come about?

Jess: We were asked by Selfridges to design something for their pop up shop so we didn’t get much of a lead time, this only happened about a month or so ago, it kind of went a very traditional route - it wasn’t like Mick called us up or anything like that unfortunately - since then we have done a bunch of personalised scarves for Keith, Mick and Ronnie’s kids, all of whom are friends of ours. We’ve got the paisley mouth and tongue which is the Selfridges exclusive, which we are also selling in our own shop and on our site. and then we’ve done these personalised ones for all of the kids. Hopefully there will be more products in the pipeline, I’m really hoping that some of the new styles that we’ve done will get to go on the tour with them.

Rolling stones classic skinny fringed scarf in red and black

GW: It seems to be a match made in heaven, what do you think has made it work so seamlessly?

J: It’s rock ’n’ roll, hard work and a sense of humour but really it’s basically that The Rolling Stones are the undisputed best living rock ’n’ roll band in the world. It’s a dream collaboration for us, I’ve been a huge fan of The Rolling Stones since I was 10 years old, we played ‘Gimme Shelter’ at my Mum’s funeral, they’ve been part of our whole lives I suppose and they’re still going. I hope it works seamlessly and I hope it’s the beginning of a lot more merch that we get to do together.

GW: What’s your favourite Rolling Stones song?

J: That’s very hard, there’s so many albums and so many good tracks but I think ‘Gimme Shelter’ for personal reasons. ‘Brown Sugar’ is my karaoke classic and I’ve always loved ‘Parachute Woman’, Let It Bleed is my favourite album, and it’s also a brilliant cover. How Rockins kind of started and the idea of our packaging came about because Tim and I were skint for a couple of years or so after I stopped working at Agent Provocateur and he stopped working with Gorillaz, we were both at home with small kids and childcare was so expensive so we were always coming up with these different Christmas present ideas and at that time they’d done a re-issue of Some Girls and I saw a massive big billboard poster of it and I was like, ‘wow that’s really good, imagine all of our friends faces in those gaps.’ So we bought 40 copies of Some Girls and took out the inner sleeve, Tim replaced the inner sleeves with all of our mates and that included Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, Jamie Hince and Mick Jones, lots of great people who are friends of ours but a next generation if you like.

GW: What music inspires you when you’re designing?

J: Well it’s always something completely different every season. It depends on what we’re listening to at the time and it often depends on the season itself. After Bowie everything went very glam rock and we call it Glam Rockins, so for Spring/Summer, which is what we were designing at that time because obviously we’re working a year in advance, everything is very gold and stars and very glam rock inspired, great flared suits and satins in pinks and greens etc. So it all depends on what’s happening at the time really, at the moment we’re listening to The Rolling Stones and that’s what’s going on right now. 

GW: What are you guys listening to at the moment at Rockins HQ?

J: King Gizzard are a favourite, Cate Le Bon we love and White Fence, all of those guys. We keep a Rockins playlist going in the shop which is about eight hours long and that’s got everything from Hawkwind to the Stones to Christine McVie to Nolan Porter, some contemporary stuff as well including King Gizzard and Cate Le Bon. We’ve just come back from Deià on holiday and we were listening to Tim Buckley basically on a loop for the whole holiday because it really suited the environment.

Snap up your scarf now before the Stones come to town - The collection is available right now on the Rockins website or in-store at 60 Golborne Road, London (while stocks last.) You can also leave your name on a waiting list if the product you want is already sold out. 

Rolling Stones Classic Skinny Scarves Model Shots