Happy Birthday To Our Rockins Icon Mick Jagger!
Today marks the birthday of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. At the age of 73, Jagger has
come a long way from a scruffy flat on Edith Grove and stands as one of Great Britain’s most iconic and enduring rock and roll stars of all time.
Born in Dartford, Kent in 1943, Jagger was a studious grammar school boy who found a kindred spirit in future Stones guitarist, Keith Richards.
After leaving school in 1961, Jagger and Richards shared a flat in Chelsea with Brian Jones, where they indulged in their love of rhythm and blues.
While Jagger studied business at the London School of Economics, Richards and Jones embarked on their plan to start their own group.
After initially solely performing cover version of their favourite songs, from Bo Diddley to Chuck Berry, the group were encouraged to write their own music by manager Andrew Loog Oldham.
With Jagger abandoning his studies, this would be the start of a songwriting partnership between Jagger and Richards, that would define the Rolling Stones as the most successful rock and roll band of all time.
Whether as the androgynous Turner in the cult film Performance, or strutting his way across the stage in a spandex catsuit in the 80s, dress has undoubtedly played an integral part in every persona Jagger creates.
The Rolling Stones, and Jagger in particular, came to define the shifting attitude towards menswear in 1970s. Unafraid to experiment with his identity, Jagger laughed in the face of social conventions when it came to fashion.
Beyond the skinny scarves, skin tight trousers and blousy kaftans, he most importantly understood the importance of ‘costume’ in creating a spectacle.
With every Stones release came a new look for Jagger; whether in jock straps or two piece suits, Jagger was a peacock in every decade.
“The costume helps you be the performer, but it also helps you keep your feet on the ground"
Now into their 70s, Jagger and the Stones are still performing across the globe with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Whether Dandy-esque in the early 60s, doe-eyed and swathed in scarves in the 70s or bold and bright in the 1980s, Mick Jagger remains a constant source of musical and style inspiration to us here at Rockins.
Happy Birthday Mick Jagger!
you take it off.” – Mick Jagger.