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Kate Moss’s Top Rockins Scarf Moments!
There a few style icons that come to define the fashion climate decade after decade. From her grunge-chic beginnings as a flourishing young model, to the boho revival in the noughties, Kate Moss has singlehandedly championed everything from skinny jeans to leopard print and Hunter wellington boots. Although her style is constantly imitated, no one does rock and roll lux quite like Kate. While bed-head hair and smudged kohl lined eyes are a staple, Kate can switch from everyday basics to sleek evening wear in an instant, all worn with a nonchalant ‘I just threw it on’ vibe. Not one to adhere to the transient nature of fashion, Kate foregoes passing trends and selects pieces that are in line with her signature 70s aesthetic; think shrunken jackets, knee high boots and silk scarves knotted at the neck.   An original fan of the brand and a Rockins style muse, Kate regularly finishes off her look with a Rockins skinny scarf, be it Feathers, Rose Leopard or most recently our Graphic Paisley. We look back at Kate’s love affair with the skinny scarf with a selection of our favourite looks.
The jacket Kate is wearing in this piece, with our Rockins graphic paisley super skinny scarf, is an original from the East West Musical Instrument Company who have an amazing back story! In the 1960’s the shop was down a backstreet in the rough end of town and as you walked in it had hundreds of bongos and other amazingly bizarre instruments. One day the owner found a sewing machine in the back of the shop and decided to make a jacket. When they had finished they then put it in the front window.  A pink Rolls Royce stops outside and out comes a woman with two dogs and brought the jacket.
That woman was Janis Joplin!
Kate’s look is perfect for an everyday outfit! Rock your green military jacket, jumper and black years with two Rockins super skinny scarves. Kate is wearing our Peacock Super Skinny scarf in black!
Accessories always complete an evening outfit and Kate’s at our Fash Bash event, it is no different. Wearing black jeans, a band tee with a studded jacket goes perfectly with a hat and our Kimberly Stewart Leopard Print Stone Super Skinny!
A classic skinny scarf is perfect with a fur jacket on a fresh spring day. Kate is wearing her bespoke Red Rockins but you can get a similar look with our Grebo Chic Classic Skinny.
Being the jet setter that Kate is, she always nails the airport chic but so can you with your Rockins Snake Super Skinny Scarf.