Make Mine A Double On Fathers Day!
This is a picture of me as a baby with my gorgeous dad Rog- wearing one of his bias cut paisley silk scarves as a bow tie.

Little did i know that that this louche and decorative accessory dangling in the corner of my eye would later be the inspiration for what is now a successful thriving fashion business.

I have a lot to thank my parents for, their creativity, their guidance, their style and the impact that their bohemian lifestyle has had on my life and the way i parent my own children.

Lets raise a glass to our fathers!! Make mine a double xx
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Possessor of knowledge, keeper of books.
no grey hair on this head, oak tree good looks

Man so well travelled, all in the mind
don’t need no passport to leave home behind

Trips out on Aubergine,needs little words,
he don’t need too many, converses with birds.

Paints as he sees it, story of dreams,
love of his closest, man of great means.