Mick Jagger: A Life In Fashionable Scarves
From Dandy-esque cravats to skinny numbers worn with catsuits and a bare chest, scarves have long been a staple of the Mick Jagger uniform. Along with his fellow band members, Jagger offered a flamboyant and experimental alternative to traditional menswear, often using scarves in the place of a formal tie, wrapped nonchalantly at the neck. With over 50 years of iconic outfits behind him, Mick proved his love of the accessory is still strong, wearing a rich mustard silk scarf to walk the red carpet at the launch of Exhibitionism at the Saatchi Gallery. Check out some of our favourite Mick looks below.
Mick leading the way with two female fans
Wearing classic skinny scarf in his hotel room on tour
Mick on his way to a Rolling Stone concert
Mick Jagger & Keith Richards having a well deserved pint
Combining all of the accessories! With this hat and scarf combo
On stage and oozing sex appeal with this Classic Skinny Scarf
Mick Jagger and Brian Jones both using a scarf as accessory!
Taking a more edgier look, Mick wears his scarf with a leather jacket
Mick, Brian and Charlie
Mick and Bianca Jagger
How do you channel Micks look?
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