New AW16 Styles Launched On ROCKINS
From palm leaves to paisley print, the new Rockins collection of silk scarves is here! Taking inspiration from the things we hold so dear, namely music, styles and culture, our Autumn/Winter collection features a range of designs guaranteed to put a little rock ‘n’ roll luxe in your wardrobe. Our handcrafted scarves are based on traditional 1920s pieces with a bias cut and mitred point, meaning they only improve with wear and naturally with a fluid line against the body.
Why not evoke hazy summer days with the Palms scarf? Inspired by the original Biba store. Picture yourself walking the staircase surrounded by mirrored walls, plush velvet underfoot and the leaf of a palm tree brushing your arm. Crafted from 100% Crepe de Chine silk, this tropical scarf exudes 70s glamour styles. Rock it as a headscarf for true bohemian luxe, or loop at the neck for laidback cool.
For a touch of exoticism, look to the Rockins Zebra scarf; a bold design inspired by the great Peter beard, legendary photographer and notorious womanizer. Whether lying on a yacht surrounded by beautiful women or venturing deep into the African plains to photograph endangered wildlife, Beard was once described as ‘Half Tarzan, Half Byron’. The Zebra scarf is our tribute to a Rockins hero.
Since the very beginning, paisley has been a core motif in the Rockins repertoire. In our past collections, we’ve had the Star, Eyes and Graphic Paisley. This season sees the launch of the Prickly Paisley, our psychedelic spin on the classic print. This scarf is inspired by the famous Joshua Tree cactus; think Ken Kesey tripping out in the Californian desert.
Make a striking statement with the Rockins Shark scarf, inspired by the nose art of the Flying Tigers. The ‘shark face’ is the most famous work of nose art in aviation history and has become an iconic cultural motif after it was referenced in the 1942 John Wayne film, ‘Flying Tigers’. Featuring a cartoon, sketched style and bold palette of metal grey and red, this scarf juxtaposes graphic imagery with delicate Crepe de Chine silk.
We pay homage to the ‘Greasers’ of the 1950s with our Nuts & Bolts silk scarf. Think customised flight jackets, well-worn levis and roaring motorbikes. We can smell the leathers and burning rubber from here…