Primal Scream Release Exclusive Vinyl For Record Store Day
Announced this week: Primal Scream to release ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind’/’Gravitational Waves (Drifter’s Song)’

To celebrate Record Store Day on the 16th of AprilThe Scream are set to release an exclusive, limited edition single which is a cover of ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind’ by Sprees featuring original backing vocals by SXpress singer Naomi Osbourne and Jason Pierce on guitar. On the B side, will be a new instrumental track  ‘Gravitational Waves (Drifter’s Song)’ with Bobby on guitar. This exclusive 12 inch vinyl will be available at all stores participating in the event.

The Primals; who are set to release their 11th studio album ‘Choasmosis’ on the 18th of March, are major advocates of record stores and all things vinyl and wanted to do something really special to mark the occasion.

Friend of Rockins, Bobby Gillespie, is renowned for his impeccable music knowledge ‘I’m a vinyl junkie and I can’t get enough’. Jess “Once a junkie always a junkie”[sic] Bobby is a music fanatic and a wealth of knowledge, he will happily spend hours talking shop and playing DJ to us girls, he has an impressive vinyl collection. I should know as many a happy evening has been spent with us girls dancing around his and Katy’s living room with half of it across the floor!!

In addition to this Primal Scream have announced that they are to play four intimate must-see shows this spring before a string of headline summer festival dates:

March Tues 29th ABERDEEN, Beach Ballroom


April Fri 1st LONDON, Palladium

Sat 2nd MANCHESTER, Albert Hall

May Sat 28th Common People 2016, Southampton Common, Southampton

Sun 29th Common People 2016, South Park, Oxford

July Sun 24th Secret Garden Party, Mill Hill Fields, Huntingdon

August Sat 13th Down To The Woods, Sedgefield, Near Durham


Author: HQD