Rockins Celebrates International Women’s Day
Women of the world unite! Today is International Women’s Day: a day to commemorate both the achievements and plight of women. Celebrated annually on the 8th of March, the event has been going for over a century.
It was started as a Socialist Political event and originally referred to as International WorkingWomen’s Day. The notion was first put forward as a means to advance women’s suffrage by having a day to note those enormous contributions made by women to humankind. It served as a holiday to mark appreciation, respect and gratitude towards female achievements, be they economic, political or social. Nowadays, recognition isn’t just bestowed upon notable achievements, but has become an opportunity for people to demonstrate their admiration for womankind in a way not dissimilar to Mother’s day or St. Valentine’s. This year the UN backed event will be celebrated in over 40 countries internationally and people can indicate their support of the event by wearing a purple ribbon pin.
This year the campaign is looking forward; establishing a 15 year agenda outlining gender equality goals, and the theme is ‘Planet 50-50 by 2030’ and organisers have released a video alongside the hashtag #OneDayIWill.
Friend of Rockins, photographer Sarah Piantadosi is currently fundraising for Plan UK, an amazing charity that helps girls in the poorest countries in the world get access to safe education, and supports their right to say NO to marriage and female genital mutilation. Sarah will be running the 2016 London Marathon in support of this charity, we support Sarah as a woman helping women and if you would like to support her too here is her JustGiving page.
Kimberly Stewart shot by Sarah for Rockins.
How will you mark the day?
Celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.
Yet let’s also be aware progress has slowed in many places across the world, so urgent action is needed to accelerate gender parity.
Leaders across the world are pledging to take action and #PLEGEFORPARITY #IWD2016
Author: HQD