Rockins For The Kills Limited Edition Scarf!
Rockins and The Kills collaborate on The Kills Limited Edition Scarf to mark the release of their new album, ASH & ICE.  It is seldom that a collaboration works so naturally that it requires little more than a nod and a wink. There are few bands this side of the 70s that we would rather see flaunting our wares than The Kills; a band whose style, sound and spirit embody the Rockins brand.
“Our soul brother Jamie Hince, one half of the dynamic rock duo, has been an ardent supporter of Rockins since receiving our very first batch of luxe skinny scarves three years ago for Christmas. He can be seen rockin a one of a kind Classic Skinny scarf in The Kills’ amazing video for their first single ‘Doing It To Death’. To mark the release of The Kills’ new Ash & Ice album, Jamie approached us to collaborate on an original scarf. Inspired by the album artwork, Rockins co-founder Tim created emblematic design motifs to rework Jamie’s favourite style, packaged in signature cassette packaging with a Kills twist. We are delighted with the result and hope that both Kills and Rockins fans wanting to ‘Get the Hince Look’ will love it too.” – Jess Morris
Rockins and The Kills Skinny Scarf – A one of a kind collaboration between Rockins and The Kills, the Ash & Ice skinny scarf is crafted from 100% Crêpe de Chine silk. Putting a unique twist on the Rockins Classic Skinny Scarf, this scarf is a musical collage of trinkets and emblems, telling the story of The Kills’ latest album, Ash & Ice. Featuring burnt out matches, ice cubes and plectrums, this 1920s inspired design is cut on the bias to fall in a fluid line against the body. A meeting of two creative minds, the limited edition Ash & Ice scarf is a must have for Kills and Rockins fans alike.
“We’re proud to announce the arrival of a limited edition silk scarf celebrating the launch of our new album, Ash & Ice. Designed by our lifelong friends and honorary Kills gang members Jess and Tim at Rockins HQ, they’ve been making me the most beautiful scarves imaginable for years. Total solid gold style. Half Kills, half Rockins. It’s strictly roots. See me in my heels an ting.” – Jamie Hince
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