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Rockins Founder Jess Morris In ES Magazine
Interview at our founders home with Jess Morris in ES Magazine.
This week both of our founders; Jess Morris and Tim Rockins appeared in The Evening Standards magazine ES. In an interview with Aimee Farrell, at her home, Jess explained her penchant for 70’s clothing and the inspiration for our brand Rockins and our crusade to keep Rock n Roll alive. Here are some of our favourite images from the interviews photo shoot with Francesca Allen along with some musings from our Rock Chic boss.
Our Rock Chic Founder Jess Morris.
‘There’s definitely a real nostalgia for the 1970s right now […] But even a stopped clock is right twice a day. My look hasn’t evolved or changed, we just happen to have come back into fashion.’
Jess relaxing at her home in one of her Victoriana dresses.
On Vintage Shops: ‘You’d find all these amazing Victoriana dresses and 1950s fabrics’
On her Icons: ‘I’d love to raid the wardrobes of Barbara Hulanicki and Celia Birtwell — such unbelievable dressers.’
On her personal style: ‘Because I have a boyish body shape I’ve always liked 1970s silhouettes. Men and women wore the same clothes then […] Girls looked more boyish and men explored their feminine sides. It had been a long time since they were that flamboyant […] It’s about dressing up and then undressing, or unbuttoning, a bit. It’s a shirt that’s Lurex and sparkly, but it’s creased like you’ve flung it on the floor after a night out and then put it on again the next day.’
Jess Morris and partner in business and life Tim Rockins
Jess and Tim travel in style in their cab designed by Tim.
Expressing her nostalgia for bygone eras: ‘Nowadays, very few people smoke, or wake up and have a vodka, or just sleep with anyone and everyone. I think we kind of miss those free-living times.’