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Rockins Heroes Part 1 : Bowie
“Femme fatales emerged from shadows, to watch this creature fair…”
Of all the words that define David Bowie, it seems that visionary and innovator are the most apt. Appearing on British television sets on Top of the Pops in 1972 , Bowie was unlike any other pop star that audiences had witnessed. Debuting his Ziggy Stardust persona dressed in a multi coloured jumpsuit that clung to his lithe body, his arm hung limply across Mick Ronson with a playful glint in his eye. This affectionate display, paired with his figure hugging attire caused a stir. Conservative viewers at home in their armchairs looked on with confusion, while young teens gazed in awe at this otherworldly creature. Boys lusted after him with the same fervour as the girls; his androgynous look shook up traditional gender expectations. Rake thin with a shock of orange hair, Bowie offered an entirely unique take on rock and roll.
A master of transformation, Bowie took on various guises throughout his career, from the flamboyant wardrobe of Ziggy Stardust, to the rakish looks of the Thin White Duke era. The V&A recently held one of their most successful exhibitions dedicated to Bowie, exploring his endless influences on modern culture. This intellectual research into a pop star, proved his timeless appeal. Constantly referenced in contemporary fashion, the Bowie effect continues to inspire creatives, while the man himself is regarded as a true British icon.
An iconic ensemble (pictured above) worn by Bowie in 1973 inspired the eponymous scarf in our collection. The bold monochrome lines of the Bowie design recalls the singer’s slim cut blazer with exaggerated shoulders and razor sharp lapels. This jacket captures the Seventies Bowie aesthetic; expert tailoring infused with graphic motifs, often taking inspiration from Japanese avant-garde design or 1960s London mods. At Rockins, we champion the unconventional, the eclectic, and the unexpected. Add a hint of Bowie’s trailblazing spirit to your look with the Rockins Bowie scarf and rock it like Ziggy.
Bowie Super Skinny Scarf – £90