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Rockins Heroes Part 2: Bolan
Storming the stage in a haze of sparkles and sequins, Marc Bolan was a one-off. Poster boy for the new era of rock, he led T-Rex to the top of the charts with 1950s inspired guitar riffs that defined the brazen attitude of the Seventies. Hoards of fans followed; boys and girls clambered to catch a glimpse of this magical pixie with classic good looks and a mop of dark ringlet curls.
When Bolan renamed Tyrannosaurus Rex, his hippy, acoustic rock sounds were reinvigorated with electric hits. The success of T-Rex in the early Seventies saw Bolan favour crushed velvet flares, glittered cheeks and ornate silk scarves. Bolan looked to boutiques such as Biba for his look, always finished with a flourish of feathers or beads slung around his neck and heavily kohl-lined eyes that peeked from beneath a fringe of curls.
Beyond all else, Glam Rock was theatrical. Bolan relished his leading role, heeled boots stomping to the beat, screaming fans hanging on his every word. The streets of London were soon abundant with platforms and velvet jackets, yet there was something that set him apart from the rest. As his lyrics hinted, Bolan had a fascination with magic; from the mystic glint in his eye, to his dazzling clothes, his style had its roots in a fantasy realm, essentially bridging the gap between psychedelia and glam rock.
We created the Rockins Bolan scarf in honour of the Seventies icon. Recalling a black suit that featured a sequinned diamond motif, we reimagined the glitter and sparkles in a striking design that captures Bolan’s spirit. His close friend and collaborator David Bowie once referred to him as ‘The Little Imp’. Capricious, enchanting and free spirited; Bowie couldn’t have said it better.
Rockins Bolan Classic Skinny Fringed