Rockins Ibiza Style! 25% Off All Scarves With Code – ‘Dandelion’
‘Ibiza will be Earth’s final refuge’
According to the predictions of 16th century philosopher Nostradamus, Ibiza will be the last remaining life support on Earth when nuclear disaster hits. Early Phoenician’s believed Ibiza to be a magic island, boasting there is no creature nor plant on the island that can harm human life.  Whether it is blessed by the Gods, or simply an idyllic haven of sun, sea and sand, many a man has made the pilgrimage to Ibiza to enjoy a life of bohemian bliss.
Once a sleepy farming community, Ibiza became a retreat for tourists as early as the
1920s, when writers and artists escaped to the Island after the spread of fascism across Europe.
It wasn’t until the late 1960s that Ibiza truly became a hippy hideaway. Footage of the San
Francisco ‘Summer of Love’ rallies in 1967 became entrenched in the minds of a new youth
generation. Questioning conservative society and longing for alternative lifestyles, hippies
flocked from across Europe to this Balaeric island. These travellers formed a roaming
international tribe, spending summers in Ibiza and moving out to Goa, Katmandu and Kabul as
the cooler months approached. A mixture of artists, writers, musicians and dropouts were drawn
to the low-cost living, natural beauty and welcoming local population.
Ibicencos now divide their cultural history into two periods – antes (before the hippy
invasion) and ahora (the present day). Joni Mitchell, Syd Barret, Nico and Pink Floyd all resided in
Ibiza and Formentera during the 1970s; 18 th century country houses were being transformed into
‘discoteques’ (namely Amnesia and Pacha) and Ibiza had become a spiritual home for non-
conforming hippies and beatniks.
From music and film, to the luxe fashion and interiors, the legacy of the island during the
Seventies lives on. The North East of the Island still offers a taste of the hazy glory days with
rolling farmland, rocky coves and untouched natural landscapes. For true boho-luxe style
inspiration, one must simply immerse themselves in imagery of hippy Ibiza in full flow. Think
sun-bleached locks, embroidered tunics and tattered silk scarves, draped across bare chests. This
was bohemian style at its best and serves as a constant source of inspiration for us at Rockins;
authentic, non-conforming and the epitome of laidback glamour.
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