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Rockins Press: Tim Rockins Interview with Another Man

Rockins Founder Tim Rockins Interviewed by Charles Jeffery for ‘Another Man’ Magazine

Incase you missed it here is the interview below:
Describe your artwork in three words… Scruffy, energetic, delicate.
When do you get your best ideas? Being a father of two, generally at night because they have gone to bed!
What do you love about psychedelia? The freedom of it. The ‘psyche’ not it refers to the totality pf the human mind, so essentially its about the mid being manifested.
Who is your biggest influence? My wife, Jess- we share a brain. And the kids. Our son came up with the brand name  as he couldn’t pronounce our surname Watkins… ‘Rockibns’ sounds much better!
What’s the secret to wearing a scarf well? Remembering that the point of clothing is to protect, but the point of fashion is to make you feel something.
How do you wear yours? Two together with different shapes, mixing patterns and worn at the similar height to the neckline in a normal reef knot.
Which rock stars wear your scarves best? Rod Stewart, blatantly. When Joan Jett wore Rockins it was a real ‘wow’ moment.
Who is your style icon? Lemmy and all that Hawkweed vibe.
How would you describe your style? Paul Simonon once called me a Greebo. If Paul says I’m a Greebo.
What are you looking forward to this summer? The festivals, they feel like snapshots into a kind of utopia.
What’s your go-to record when you’r DJing? Barabajagal by Donovan.
What song title best describes you? Don’t Believe The Hype by Public Enemy.
For the interview Tim’s portrait was drawn by illustrator Dylan Qin, he was wearing out very own Graphic Paisley super skinny scarf in red, modelled by the gorgeous Lily Newmark below.