Scarves Vs Ties! Why Scarves Are Much Cooler
In light of the current ’70s movement, the skinny scarf is the perfect accompliment to any outfit. Visions of classic male rockers such as David Bowie,  and Steven Tyler with Martin Scorssee’s and Mick Jagger’s ‘Vinyl’ now out on HBO celebrities and fashion insiders alike have embraced the trend. At Rockins HQ we have found the skinny scarf has proven to be extremely versatile. Wear our classic skinny as a bandeau, a classic fringe as a belt and our super skinny as a tie. Here is some inspiration to show you how to rock your scarves as a tie!
David Bowie is a Rockins style idol, as you can read in our Hero’s blog. Even with his evolution of style over the years, his love for silk scarves carried on! As you can see from above he has inspired us more than any one to rock a scarf as a tie.
Axl Swan modelling the  Rockins Rose Leopard super skinny scarf in Gold for the most recent issue of Foxes Magazine.
Try your scarf as a tie from our new spring summer range Rockins Tiger Paisley Super Skinny Scarf. This is modelled by Lily Newmark.
Bobby Gillespie a great friend and wearer of Rockins. Is pictured here wearing the  Rockins classic fringed scarf in Black as a tie.
Mick Jagger Performing On Stage With The Rolling Stones.
Vincent from Hidden Charms wearing Rockins Super Skinny Bowie Scarf as a tie.
Harry Styles is a frequent wearer of our Rockins Scarves. See him pictured here wearing our Fringed Scarf in Ivory!
Jamie Hince wearing one of our Rockin’s scarves as a tie. For a similar look check out our Classic Fringed version.