Timeless Trend: Animal Print
Brazen and cheap or elegant and striking? Indiscreet and cheap or chic and timeless? Animal print has divided opinion with every decade that it has hung in our wardrobes. While the coat of the leopard in the wild acts as camouflage, on the human body, it’s connotations are transformed. This ubiquitous print has adorned every silhouette of the 20th century, from cocoon coats of the 1920s to glam-rock style unbuttoned blouses in the 1970s.
What started as a heavily masculine associated print (think Tarzan), associated with wild, primitive men, leopard print transformed from cave-man to female seductress in the 1920s. It was associated with wealth and status, playing on the nature of the strong feline; exotic, wild and powerful. When Dior included it in his 1947 ‘New Look’ collection and MGM costume designer Gilbert Adrian dressed the big screen starlets in it, leopard print was the style all women wanted to be dressed in.
As the years have passed, leopard print has captured the ethos of every decade; it expressed the nature of the Women’s Liberation Movement in the Forties; in the 1960s it represented an ‘Easy Rider’-esque lifestyle, while in the 1970s it screamed wild, rebellious and unable to be tamed. Whether it takes the form of high-fashion luxury or vintage, second-hand street style, leopard print breaks the rules of conformism, treading a fine line between brash and elegant, but always retaining an air of mystique. Its unpredictable, timeless and undeniably sexy.
The Rockins Rose Leopard scarf is crafted from 100% Crepe de Chine silk blending vibrant leopard with an intricate floral design, inspired by Gram Parsons’ floral embroidered suits. The detailed rose motif remains at the core of the Rockins repertoire, appearing in various guises throughout the collection. Completed with a mitred hand finish, the Rose Leopard skinny scarf puts a contemporary spin on Seventies nostalgia, with deep saturated hues and striking accents.
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