Wear Your Rockins Scarf Fashionably This Summer

Keep it simple and drape your Rockins scarf around your neck, leaving it to hang loose á la Ms Moss. Crafted with a bias cut and hand mitred point, our scarves naturally twist and roll so they only improve with wear.

No ties allowed
For an alternative take on the conventional shirt and tie, wear your Rockins scarf in a cravat style inspired by Keith Richards, Bobby Gillespie and Jamie Hince, all of whom have added a rockin edge to their look with our silk scarves.
At the hip
Go full 1970s and wear your Scarf at the hip. Choose one of our fringed styles for a festival-worthy look; weave through belt loops or knot at the side and let it drape to the floor.
Choked up
Our super skinny Rockins scarves are perfect for wrapping tightly at the neck in a choker style, a look favoured by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.
Wrap it up
Be inspired by a young Lori Maddox and rock your Rockins as a halter top. Wear across the chest, wrap around the and tie at the back, a perfect look for scorching summer days.
Wear your Rockins as a bohemian style bandana or turban; think Talitha Getty on a sun-soaked Marrakesh rooftop circa 1969.