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ROCKINS Silk Face Coverings

Research has found that there are multiple reasons why wearing a face mask from silk is more beneficial and more comfortable than other fabrics!

Whether you choose one of our face masks, use our guide to turn your Rockins bandana into a DIY mask, or wear your neckerchief Bandito style, you know that you are protected in style!


Benefits of a silk face covering:

  • Silk has natural anti-bacterial properties
  • It is breathable, meaning it is cooler against the skin and more comfortable to wear for a pro-longed amount of time. 
  • Silk does not irritate the skin, meaning they are great for sensitive and break out prone skin
  • Research has found the silk is the most effective fabric at preventing the penetration of water droplets due to being less absorbent than other fabrics tested as protection of the face

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